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Artiste Contemporain

Artiste Contemporain Togrul Narimanbekov

Togrul Farman oglu Narimanbekov

People’s Artist of the Azerbaijan and USSR Republic as well, laureate of State Prizes painter-singer Togrul Narimanbekov was born on August 7, 1930 in Baku. He lives and works in Baku and Paris, France. Most of the painter’s works are being kept both in museums of Azerbaijan, Russia, Europe and America and in private collections.

The specialist having attended special vocal Italian school and having dramatic tenor voice, since 1995 he has been acting as a singer. His concert held in 1996 in Baku Camera Music Hall by the accompany of Azerbaijan State Camera Orchestra after Gara Garayev (conductor Azad Aliyev) had great success.

Early in 1998 there will be painter-singer’s solo concert by the accompany of Azerbaijan State Camera Orchestra (artistic leader and chief conductor Yashar Imanov) and exhibition of his new works in the Opera House.

It is true that Togrul’s profession phenomenality is accompanied by colours harmony, strength and sincerity of voice come from his heart. All of them have been studied with obstinacy and sensibleness from singers and ancient miniature colour harmony.

It is necessary to mention that both Togrul’s variegation examples and his vocal performance is based on our ancient mugam and miniatures. That’s why his works done on colour and music harmony base remember us great music note. Native Azerbaijan music mood is expressed in this great musical note.┬áDuring all his life he appreciated and studied the great performances of his favourite artists of the Italian Vocal School: Enrico Caruso, Beniamino Gigli, Mario Del Monaco, Carlo Bergonzi.

Since late 1980 Togrul’s wife Sevil Narimanbekova has been regularly working together with him on creation and organization of his concerts and she accompanies him during rehersals. Sevil is also the director of Togrul Narimanbekov’s paintings exhibition.

In 1996 the President of Azerbaijan Republic Geydar Aliyev was present at Togrul Narimanbekov’s exhibition and concert held in Baku Camera Music Hall and highly valued his hetergeneous creation and vocal performance.